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Episode No. 80 Marian Music for the Month of May

 Guest Host David Ball takes us on a musical journey of Marian Music – from some of the oldest written hymns to classic Romantic-era solo works to well-known choral settings. Joining David is composer and friend of the show Daniel Ficarri. A recent graduate of the Juilliard School in New York, Daniel Ficarri speaks from the heart of a composer about the inspiring nature of Marian texts, and shares with us his own Ave Maria – a radio premiere and exclusive to Music from the Tower! Featured alongside Ficarri’s stunning new Ave Maria are classics including the Schubert, Bach-Gounod, and Biebl settings; and some lesser-known, yet equally gorgeous settings by living composers Anna Jacobs, Cecilia McDowall, James Biery, and John Rutter.


Episode No. 42  Saturday, July 21, 2018  Daniel Ficarri, Organist, Composer, Juilliard student, Organ Scholar at St. Paul the Apostle in NYC, Founder of “Sacred sounds at St. Paul’s”; David L. Ball. Assistant Director of Music and Organist, Christ Cathedral

Daniel is another of the many success stories of the great Juilliard teacher, Paul Jacobs.  However, unlike the incredible organists who have filled America’s greatest churches and have come from this great institution and this amazing teacher, Daniel is not just another super-star organist.  Daniel is an already famed composer;  a commissioned composer at that!  You will hear from this spectacular young musician, as he talks about his latest commission, this time, a piece for the dedication of the new Dobson pipe organ at the famed St. Thomas Church in New York.  This piece was commissioned by the British music journal, Choir and Organ, for this very special occasion.  Daniel was featured in the latest issue of this magazine with a great article and even the possibility of downloading his latest piece.  On the radio, he is joined by our very own organist and Juilliard graduate, David L. Ball.  It is David who actually commissioned Daniel to write two other organ pieces. Enjoy these two wonderful young organists as they talk about commissioning music, composing it and performing it.  One of our best shows yet.  You will no doubt hear lots more about both of these astonishing talents!

MUSIC: Carillon de Westminster Louis Vierne   Daniel Ficarri, Organist
MUSIC: Prelude in D Major  Daniel Ficarri, Composer and Organist  recorded at Hitchcock Presbyterian Church, Scarsdale, NY   Commissioned by David L. Ball
MUSIC: Suite for Organ No. 1  Adagio   Daniel Ficarri, Composer and Organist  recorded at St. Paul the Apostle, New York City    Commissioned by David L. Ball
MUSIC: Suite for Organ No. 1  Toccata   Daniel Ficarri, Composer and Organist  recorded at St. Paul the Apostle, New York City    Commissioned by David L. Ball
MUSIC:  Exsultation  Daniel Ficarri, Composer and Organist  recorded at St. Vincent Ferrer, New York City    Commissioned by Choir and Organ Magazine