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Chris Mueller and Timmerie Millington are in-studio answering some of the toughest questions about sex both inside and outside of marriage. Questions include: How far is too far? How do I overcome an active sexual lifestyle? Do we breakup if chastity is an issue?

Together they will journey with you through processing the devastating information about the sex abuse scandal in the Church. Let us know how you’re doing. Join the conversation.





Originally broadcast on 8/26/18



A lot is happening in the world of sexual exploitation. Daily you can stand up against the harms being done to everyday people, even those in your own home. Trending this week: SnapChat, whether James Gunn should have been fired from working with Avengers, parenting, how a TED Talk promoted that pedophilia is unchangeable and you’re born that way, how the Catholic worldview is the answer to modern problems, and the necessity of good male role models for children. Timmerie Millington is joined by her former co-host, Don Johnson.

Learn more about Don’s documentary Unprotected: the untold story of the sexual revolution and how you can schedule a screening in your city by visiting





Originally broadcast on 7/29/18



With the beginning of the latest open enrollment period for health insurance plans offered the Covered California state health care exchange, the bishops of the California Catholic Conference have identified two plans available to Orange County residents that do not cover elective abortions.

The two plans listed below both specifically exclude “abortions for which public funding is prohibited” and were scheduled to be available when open enrollment began on Nov. 15. The open enrollment period ends on Feb. 15, 2015.

According to Covered California, “’Abortion for which [Federal] public funding is prohibited is synonymous with elective abortions. Abortions where public funding is allowed only includes abortions resulting from an act of rape, incest, or where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness, or other life endangering physical condition.”

Catholic teaching prohibits abortion for any reason and does not consider abortion to be health care.

Subsidies for lower income enrollees are available. However, currently health insurance is offered only to citizens and legal permanent residents. The U.S. Catholic Bishops continue to advocate for health care that respects life, is affordable and is available to all.

The two plans that exclude elective abortion coverage both are offered by Anthem Blue Cross: the Silver 70 EPO and the Gold 80 EPO multi-state plans

The Covered California exchange may be accessed online at