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Host Rick Howick interviews guests on a variety of topics. This week, Rick welcomes a new friend to the studio. Her name is Lindy Wynne; and, among other things, she is the host of the podcast entitled “Mamas in Spirit.” She also writes a popular blog and maintains a website under the same theme.

Her tagline is” ‘Pointing you towards God in everything you are and everything you do.’

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Originally broadcast on 10/12/19


Why are children being abandoned in China? The religions state of China is a mess for Christians. This reminds us how a Catholic worldview transforms our lives.. if we live it out.

On Trending this week : Why should China’s big brother social credit system concern us? Abortion is legal in Ireland now, but what do medical professionals think about it? Why was a Virginia teacher fired? How is homosexuality related to the clerical sex abuse of children? Why do women sleep better with dogs than people?

Father Tim Grumbach joins Trending with Timmerie Millington.



Originally broadcast on 12/16/18


In the name of feminism, Keira Knightley bashes Kate Middleton’s postpartum body. Is this mom shaming, or, is there too much pressure on women to be picture perfect? Don Johnson and Timmerie Millington unpack the dispute.

A difficult question with a clear answer: should same sex couples be able to adopt? Health and Human Services roots policy on gender in verifiable biology and genetics. How do we handle the response as #wontbeerased trends on Twitter?




Originally broadcast on 10/28/18


“To adopt a child is a great work of love. When it is done, much is given, but much is also received. It is a true exchange of gifts.” —St. John Paul II 


Adoption is a blessed way to create or expand a family, the Church says. Various New Testament verses mention the righteousness of supporting the neediest among us, including newborns. 

Jesus encouraged adoption; He said that whomever received ‘these little ones,’ received Him. Let’s not forget, too, that He was raised by a foster father who loved Him as a son. 

“Adopting children, regarding and treating them as one’s own children, means recognizing that the relationship between parents and children is not measured only by genetic standards,” St. John Paul II said. “Procreative love is first and foremost a gift of self. There is a form of ‘procreation’ which occurs through acceptance, concern, and devotion.  

“The resulting relationship is so intimate and enduring that it is in no way inferior to one based on a biological connection,” he continued. “When this is also juridically protected, as it is in adoption, in a family united by the stable bond of marriage, it assures the child that peaceful atmosphere and that paternal and maternal love which he needs for his full human development.” 

Local Catholic couples who want to adopt children have several options including a Catholic adoption agency in Los Angeles and an online agency that matches pregnant women and families. notes that there are a number of privately owned and operated independent Catholic adoption agencies and foster homes to be found online and throughout the world. 

At, more than 120 adoptions are facilitated each year. The site matches pregnant women and women who’ve recently given birth and wish their child to be raised in the Catholic faith with Catholic couples who want to adopt. 

Holy Family Services Adoption & Foster Care at is an accredited California state-licensed, nondenominational, nonprofit 501(c)3 adoption and foster care agency established in 1949.  

The organization provides services to birth parents and prospective adoptive parents, adult adoptees (adopted through HFS), and those who wish to become temporary, short-term foster parents. 

As a licensed Adoption Service Provider, the agency provides birth parent counseling to those working with other adoption providers and conducts home studies for prospective adoptive parents involved in international and other state adoptions. 

With four offices in five southern California counties, HFS is licensed to serve residents of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside County. 

The Church most notably supports adoption as a life-giving alternative to abortion. As such, adoption is a gift for everyone involved, notes a recent story in The Catholic Spirit, published by the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The child entering a new family is given a new chance to live, and the adoptive mother and father – who have hoped for a family – can raise a new family member. In addition, the biological parents who want the best for their child are assured of a good home for them. 

“All children are ultimately gifts from God,” the story notes. “The Church wants what is best for every child, and it works in various ways to support their physical, social and spiritual well-being.” 


Maryanne and Mike Fahey are the adoptive parents of three siblings and one biological child, now 13. After losing their first child and then suffering a series of miscarriages, they began to investigate adoption.


“Being an adoptive parent is not easy,” said Maryanne. “It’s very different than being a parent to a biological child… You don’t know until you’re actually parenting what you’re into.”

Anyone who is interested in adopting or fostering, or both, should attend an informational seminar such as the one the diocese will host on May 17.

“Our marriage is stronger for it,” said Mike. “Being an foster / adoptive parent also teaches you how to love.”

For more on the process of foster care and adoption, attend the Diocese of Orange Foster Care and Adoption Forum on Tuesday evening, May 17, at 7 p.m. The event will be held in the 4th Floor Theater at the Diocesan Pastoral Center on the campus of Christ Cathedral.




Washington D.C. (CNA/EWTN News) – With increasing pressure on adoption and foster care agencies to act against their religious beliefs, the U.S. bishops are pushing for legislation to protect them.

Our first and most cherished freedom, religious liberty, is to be enjoyed by all Americans, including child welfare providers who serve the needs of children – the most vulnerable members of society,î said a March 9 letter.

The letter was authored by Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, chair of the U.S. bishopsí religious liberty committee; Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, who heads the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development; and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, chair of the marriage defense subcommittee.

The letter was sent to Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) and Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), sponsors of new proposed legislation, the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2015.

The bill would ensure that federal and state funds and contracts cannot be withheld from child welfare providers because they refuse services out of conscience.

Religiously-affiliated adoption and foster care agencies have already been threatened for not providing children to same-sex couples against their beliefs. Agencies in three states – Massachusetts, California, and Illinois – and the District of Columbia have lost their state contracts for not doing so.

In Illinois, the law has caused over 3,000 children to leave religiously-affiliated foster care agencies, the bishops’ conference said.

And one voice in particular must not be left out of the adoption decision – the biological parents. They have the right to determine who they want adopting their child, the bishops insisted.

“Indeed, women and men who want to place their children for adoption ought to be able to choose from a diversity of adoption agencies, including those that share the parentsí religious beliefs and moral convictions,” they wrote. “The Inclusion Act recognizes and respects this parental choice.”

The bill’s sponsors hailed the American tradition of religious social services, saying it must be upheld.

“Faith-based organizations have always played an extraordinary role in caring for our nation’s most vulnerable children. Millions of Americans are better off today because of their noble work,” said Rep. Kelly at the bill’s introduction.

“No provider should ever have to forfeit their First Amendment rights in order to create a better life for a child.”