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On this episode, host Rick Howick welcomes Jason Scott Jones to the program.

Jason is the president and founder of a couple of very unique organizations: including HERO and ‘Movie to Movement.’ His primary reason for being with us today is to share about a new film project called “Divided Hearts of America.”

Jason has a very interesting background, to say the least. A former atheist who is now Catholic, the singular issue of abortion is what helped bring him to the Christian faith.

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Originally broadcast on 10/24/20


Deacon Steve Greco welcomes two gentlemen to the studio today; and, this is their first time on the show. Steve Beuerle and Greg Anthony will be speaking about a project they’re involved with called “Light and Life – 70 x 7.”

Light and Life is a non-profit ministry that is modeled after the Knights of Columbus ultrasound initiative. Listen in and hear all about their important work!






Originally broadcast on 5/17/2020


Why is abortion a big debate during the Coronavirus?  Timmerie discusses this and her love for Saint John Paul II.  Timmerie is joined by guest Patrick Novocosky, author of the new book “100 Ways John Paul II Changed the World”  They’ll discuss not only how this saint changed the world but also their lives and things such as religious liberty, the value of suffering, death, human dignity, athletes, theology of the body, sexuality, and more.


* Update, since recording this, the ebook is available.  The hard copy publication date has been pushed out to October 2020.


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Originally broadcast on 4/4/20


Joining Trending with Timmerie is Sister Helena Burns.  Together they discuss the Netflix show ‘Love is Blind’, dating, relationships, Theology of the Body, feminism, and prayer.

Timmerie also discusses the Catholic vote and whether Catholic voters have been ignored by the democrat party.


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Originally broadcast on 3/15/20


What you should know about birth control:  Don’t be afraid to have this conversation, even when abortion comes up.  A contraceptive mindset is a pro-abortion mindset.  Most women don’t know the facts.  We all deserve to know.  Does contraception influence who we date or marry?  What are the health risks of birth control?  Is there a medical necessity for taking the pill?  What is an abortifacient?  Can birth control cause an abortion?  What are pheromones?  Also: NaPro technology as an alternative to IVF.


Find a NaPro Doctor today:

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Originally broadcast on 2/23/20


Don’t fall off your chair!  Michael Gasparro (Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) joins Trending with Timmerie to make sense of the “consensual non-monogamy” fad.  Have you heard of serial monogamy?  The’ll also discuss attraction and birth control as covered in the new Netflix series “Sex Explained”.  Don’t let Netflix be the sex educator of the culture.  Also, hear a therapist’s perspective on preparing for Lent and how you can intentionally prepare.

Where is the common ground on abortion? How can we use this to make others more pro-life?


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Originally broadcast on 2/16/20


Do you want to live a purpose driven life?  Fr. Tim Grumbach joins us this week on Trending with Timmerie. They’re talking about:  how to live a purpose driven life, prayer, distraction, and the sacraments.  They’ll cover challenges to fertility/ infertility and how France is handling IVF for single persons, gender ideology, and the LGBTQ debate.  You’ll hear the best way to prevent STDs and the incredible story of Sister Clare Crockett who may be a modern day saint.


Links mentioned:

The book _Indistractable:_


Sr. Clare Crockett: _All or Nothing_ documentary:


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Originally broadcast on 2/2/20


Jesus was a harsh critic of powerful men in Jerusalem, including, on occasion, his own disciples, but never once was he harsh to a woman.  In ancient texts, not just the Bible, it is difficult to find a more tender treatment of women than in Jesus’ loving mercy – especially women shamed by society for sins of the flesh. 

Rather, Jesus’ greatest mercy and arguably some of his greatest moments were when he was moved by the suffering of a woman – the woman at the well, the woman with a hemorrhage, the widow’s mite, and most famously the woman about to be stoned for adultery.   

It is in his ministry to women where Jesus is most approachable, kind and forgiving. Rather than righteous condemnation of women caught in serious sin, Jesus embraces their brokenness, and in his mercy comforts and forgives them in a way much greater than they could ever expect from religious leaders or society in general.  He does not justify the sin, but forgives and through forgiveness the sinner is released and renewed. 

There is a very real spiritual pain that follows a woman long after an abortion. Abortion is a choice typically made out of fear and loss – fear of losing a lover, loss of career opportunities, fear of parental disapproval, or, worst of all, fear that there is no other option. Decisions made in the context of fear are not empowering.  Life post-abortion is never the same. While the parents, lovers, friends, and co-workers continue their life as before, the woman at the center is forever changed.  

But there is hope. The Diocese of Orange has a growing ministry to embrace post-abortive women, and sometimes men, who find spiritual healing, and forgiveness elusive.   

For many years, Project Rachel has been a source of comfort and healing to women post abortion. The Diocese recently changed the name to “Hope andHealing After Abortion,” to make the ministry easier to find and its purpose clear.  According to Linda Ji, Diocesan director of Pastoral Care for Families in All Stages, “For many women and men who call us, they carry a lot of guilt that prohibits them from forgiving themselves or from participating more fully in the Church. It affects other relationships, especially their relationship with God. They feel a disconnect with their faith community.” 

In some cases the remorse is immediate, for others it can linger just below the surface for decades as a private suffering until the person reaches a point where they need to discuss what happened. “It varies with each individual, even if there was some initial healing, the pain comes up again and again. We help the woman acknowledge the reality of her loss. We help her come to peace and remind her of God’s mercy.” 

There is no one thing that prompts a woman to come for help. During the holidays the grief can be more pronounced as well as anniversaries of the abortion or the child’s due date. In January, the new year inspires many to reconcile with the Church or their history.   

According to Ji, “We have about 14 volunteers who are trained to walk with the woman on her spiritual journey. We also maintain strict confidentiality. Everything is on a first name basis only.” 

When a person calls the ministry, the staff take down the basic information and a trained volunteer gets back to them within one day to set up a meeting wherever the woman feels most comfortable. The companion ministers listen to the woman’s story and help her move to healing. Often this includes the sacrament of reconciliation. In this case, a private appointment is arranged with a priest so that the woman can relax and take her time without having to worry about standing in a long line at Saturday parish confessions.  

For many this spiritual healing is a first step on their way back to the Church. For a few, the ministry may also refer them to a psychologist.   

Currently there are 14 companion ministers, four speak Spanish but there is a need for ministers who are bilingual in Vietnamese or other languages. The volunteers go through an extensive training and discernment program. “Many of the volunteers have had abortions themselves, others are committed to a culture of life, but are not interested in standing in front of abortion clinics, said Ji. The newly reorganized ministry of Hope & Healing After Abortion has been in place for nearly two years, but the Diocese has had an outreach to women post-abortion for more than 10 years.” 

The woman at the well had five husbands and was living with a sixth man who was not her husband. She came to the well in the heat of the midday sun because she was shunned by the “good” women who got their water earlier. She carried many heavy burdens, water being the least of them. Yet Jesus had one of his most profound encounters with this woman and told her in the plainest terms recorded in the gospels that he was the Messiah. The woman dropped her water jug and ran, without shame, to the townspeople to tell them about her encounter. Remarkably they believed her and came to meet Jesus.  

Like the woman at the well, regardless of what we have done in the past, He is waiting for sinners to give us hope. Through Him we are able to drop our burdens and go lightly into the future, renewed, refreshed and reconciled through his mercy.  


If you or someone you know would like to contact the ministry of Hope & Healing after an abortion please contact 1-800-772-4356 or email  



Fr. Robert Spitzer of the Magis Center joins Trending with Timmerie.  They’ll discuss abortion in 2020 and what is to be expected from the Supreme Court as the battle over Roe v. Wade continues.  Listen in regarding major changes in fertility both domestically and abroad as Japan faces record low birth rates.  What can Catholics do?  Finally they’ll discuss why the public loves Ricky Gervais’ comments from the Golden Globes.

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Originally broadcast on 1/11/20


WASHINGTON D.C. (CNA) — Planned Parenthood released its latest annual report on Monday, showing a continued increase in the number of abortions performed. 

The nation’s largest abortion provider released its 2018-19 annual report on Jan. 6, showing significant increases both in the number of abortions performed and in the amount of government funding it receives. 

According to its latest report, Planned Parenthood affiliates around the country performed 345,672 abortions in the 2018-19 fiscal year ending June 30, a three percent increase from 332,757 abortions in the previous fiscal year.  The organization performed 321,384 abortions in the 2016-17 fiscal year. 

The organization still received $616.8 million in government funding in 2018-19—a rise of more than eight percent from the $563.8 million it received in 2017-18. 

The government funding comes from federal, state and local health grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements. According to the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, the organization’s taxpayer funding has increased nearly 27% since 2010. 

Despite previous House Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, the necessary votes to do so never accumulated in the Senate. The organization and its affiliates receive federal dollars in the form of Medicaid reimbursements. 

According to the Hyde Amendment, federal tax dollars cannot directly pay for elective abortions. And while Planned Parenthood says that it uses no federal dollars for abortion services, critics say that the funding it receives as the nation’s largest abortion provider is fungible—freeing up other resources within the organization for abortions. 

In 2019, the Trump administration finalized the “Protect Life Rule” mandating that recipients of federal Title X family planning funds not be co-located with abortion clinics, and not refer for abortions, in the spirit of the program’s original intent not to fund abortion as a method of family planning. 

Planned Parenthood challenged the rule in court and formally withdrew from the program in August rather than comply with the new rule. 

Adoption referrals by Planned Parenthood dropped by more than 25% for 2017-18 to 2,831. That number went up by 34% in the 2018-19 report to 4,279 adoptions—still only around 1% of the number of abortions performed. 

The organization reported slightly less total revenue in 2018-19 than in the previous fiscal year, but a greater amount of total assets at more than $2.2 billion. 

The report’s release comes just ahead of the annual March for Life in Washington, DC, on Jan. 24. The annual event marks the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion across the country in 1974. Last year, more than 25,000 people attended the march and subsequent rally on the National Mall. 

In 2020, the march is taking place under the theme “Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman.” The theme was chosen to mark the centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States, promoting a pro-life message of “empowerment” of women and taking aim at the false equation of abortion with independence.  

“We need to speak about confusing messages on women,” Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life told CNA when the 2020 theme was announced in October.  

“Right now, as we know, none of the Democratic candidates are with us on this issue, and even more, they’re wildly out of touch with mainstream America on this issue.” 

“To listen to their many, many, many debates, you come away with a very different understanding about what it means to be pro-woman,” she told CNA.