Meet The Team

Bob Gibson

Catholic Sports View

This program takes a close look at the athletes and coaches who shape the Trinity League in Orange County, CA. It’s all about exploring where athletics meets faith.

Deacon Steve Greco

Empowered By the Spirit

Deacon Steve and his team aim to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, build up the church, and teach on the healing power of the Holy Spirit. At the center of it all is the love of God.

Peggy Normandin

Call Me Catholic

Light and lively conversation on EWTN Radio about the perils and blessings of embracing a Catholic identity in modern times.

Timmerie Millington


Covering the week’s hottest stories, from a Catholic world view.

John Romeri

Music from the Tower

Hosted by Dr. John Romeri, this weekly program highlights the beauty of sacred and classical music in the church.

Rick Howick

OC Catholic Radio

Each week, we bring you compelling conversation with church leaders and laity. We talk about the things going on in our diocese and discuss the important issues that impact the world around us.