1. James

    The first call must always be to the police. Let the Church catch up later. Church investigations will always end up protecting the clergy as it now comes under Canon Law. Canon Law is not recognized by the US Constitution and the Constitution is the only thing that protects us citizens.
    A close family relative recently admitted to us his extended family that he had been abused for several years in Catholic school in late 50’s and early 60’s. We immediately understood why he had led a most difficult life. Failed relationships, failed work, the shame, fear and depression he has endured for over 50 years not even counting the hundreds of thousands of dollars for psychiatric care and legal costs. He is still destitute but courageous in maintaining his everyday life and pride as a human being to the best of his ability.
    We immediately stopped all monetary support to the Church as painful as it was to do that. We had donated generously to start several new parishes in OC. Our children now send their kids to Lutheran schools and loving it.
    There is no amount of compensation possible for not only ruining a human life but to inflict pain and suffering on an innocent. There is also no possible retribution. The priest is dead and the statute of limitations has long expired.
    And no prayers will not reverse the evil done. The evil lies as a cloud over the innocent victim until God in his mercy says enough but until then the suffering continues and our anger remains.
    We still attend Church because we hold firm our Faith and our beloved Sacraments but that is all the joy that’s left for us.

    • John McKinney

      What if the abuse was in a public school, (it’s happened) would you quit paying your taxes? I think not as that would be too expensive a bridge to cross. It is interesting that people think incidents like this require some kind of spite (retribution) even if the spite is remotely related to the incidents source. Instead we should be talking about forgiveness. A good example is a recent Pope reconciling with his attempted killer. Then there is the observation (what would Jesus do?) of Jesus at the well telling the women to go and sin no more. Then next is correcting the cause. Spite does not correct the cause and neither does withholding funds to an organization that needs to correct itself. A start would be to fully support efforts of the church such as ‘RADICAL TRANSPARENCY’. I suspect the Catholic Church could be the standard barer for other institutions such as other denominations, company’s, and public institutions.

  2. Michael Nielsen

    Nice interview. I am not very well informed as to the administrative structure of the Dioceses of Orange. I believe many practicing and non-practicing Catholics could benefit as to this structure and who does what in the Diocese. I believe in the intrest of transparency, we should know who is on the Bishops panel and how to we inquire with the status of the work being done. Is there a resource for both of these? Lastly, I appreciate Bishop Vann’s letter read at Mass a few weeks ago, however, given the gravity of the revelations of this round of abuse, Bishop Vann should go to every Parish and speak personally on what our Dioceses is doing. No spokesperson /representative/or proxy will do in this case. Trust IS lost, and the anger is palpable. No matter how long it takes the Bishop must be more approachable and simple PR won’t do in this case. There are several Masses each Sunday. Let the”Bishop Vann Tour” begin!

  3. James

    These accusations are not new, just a summary in one big number so we’re shocked. So let’s put this in the proper larger perspective. The report was from one small section of our nation. There are 50 states. Multiply these accusations by ……….pick a very large number…..and now we have an evil of can we say ‘biblical’ proportions we have not addressed at all. Nothing ever gets done, just talk, investigate and more talk. The bishop will go to all the parishes and talk some more? Priests, bishops and cardinals need to be in jail, then perhaps we’ll begin a true healing if it’s even possible at this point.


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