By Staff     8/29/2017


St. Catherine’s Academy in Anaheim hosted its Annual Leadership Camp, an 8-day off-site summer excursion that took place at the San Luis Obispo National Guard Base from July 26 through Aug. 2. The program provided a week filled with adventures, learning, excitement and prayer. The program was open to boys and girls ages 10 to 16.

During the 8-day camp nearly 90 students participated in a variety of activities including obstacle courses, land navigation training, and leadership-reaction exercises. Students also participated in presentations and discussions about leadership throughout the week. The camp was centered around St. Catherine’s Academy four Dominican Pillars: Community, Ministry, Study and Prayer. Colonel Barry Bizzell, Captain Angel Ramos and staff of St. Catherine’s Academy led the exciting camp.

Each day, boys and girls were challenged physically and mentally through exhilarating activities all while learning the importance of discipline, structure and fellowship.

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