St. Pius V Eucharistic Adoration attracts adorers from near and far

By Gale Stoddard     4/13/2018

The 60-year-old St. Pius V Catholic Church located in Buena Park is the place to go after a long day of work and fighting traffic on the way home. 

Adoration hours are from noon to 8 p.m. At any given time, approximately a dozen adorers can be seen kneeling and praying solemnly in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The busiest time is from 4 to 7 p.m. when people, coming from work, hurry in to find solace in front of the Blessed Eucharist. 

Parishioners often write their name in the visitor’s log before they start to say their rosaries or novenas to their patron saints. Some of those who attend kneel close to the tabernacle, asking the Lord to intercede on their behalf, and there are times when tears can be seen on their cheeks as they pray for a departed loved one. 

St. Pius V began adoration decades ago. However, two years ago Fr. Paw decided to change the 24-hour monthly adoration to a daily schedule, Monday through Friday from noon to 8 p.m. With the help of Deacon Rick Torres and his wife Sherri, the extended hours have generated a lot of attention and attendance.  


8 Responses to “COME LET US ADORE HIM”

  1. Lori

    Hi coming thru Fillmore,Ca ? St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Fillmore Ca. has a Adoration Chapel room ,24/7 , on the side of the church… :0)

  2. Gail Davenport

    My parish, St. Joseph in Lincoln, CA has daily Eucharistic Adoration. At the end of the 8:30 morning mass, our priest adjourns to the Adoration Chapel where he says a benediction and opens up the Blessed Sacrament for the day. At 3PM the Divine Mercy Chaplet every week day the Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament. People come and go throughout the day and the tabernacle remains open as long as someone is there to accompany Jesus. Whoever is last closes the tabernacle doors and closes the light that shines on the Eucharist. There are many days when someone is there until 8 pm and it is often where adorers stop on their way home from work or school. It is a true blessing.

  3. Maura

    I think that is great! wish we had something similar to that here in broome County.

  4. John D. F.

    I wish more Parishes would follow through with this wonderful devotion, a very powerful remedy for todays faithful.

  5. janet

    Can the priest bring the Blessed Sacrament into the streets to help conversion of sinners? Maybe at an abortion clinic?


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